Rules for a simple yet elegant wedding look

The bride is, without any doubt, the main character of every wedding. Not only everyone is looking at her, putting her into the spotlight, but she is also the one responsible with making all the guests feel comfortable and important. Since she has to be all over the place and she will, for sure, be analyzed by everyone, she must look astonishing, and for this reason all the brides consider creating the perfect outfit a real struggle. While it is fun and exciting to find the wedding dress of your dreams, the real challenge comes after you decide upon some models you like: they are either too uncomfortable, wither too expensive or they do not match the theme or the rest of the decorations. However, when you choose the perfect dress, the real treat is accessorizing it. This does not seem too difficult, but you will see that it is not as easy as it seems, but just by following a simple rule, there should be no problem: try not to exaggerate. Many people will tell you that it is your wedding day, your moment, and you can shine as much as you want, but remember that a beauty does not mean overdone, and most of the times less is more. Bling Bride Betty can offer you various alternatives, so that you find it easier to complete your bridal outfit.

The first thing you should know is that keeping it simple may be the key to success. It is very tempting to take advantage of the fact that you are the star of the day and choose plenty of baubles and accessories, but the one that should be shinning is you, and all these blings may make you look overwhelming instead of attractive. Another tip is to match your bridal jewelry sets to the colour of your dress, because nowadays designers consider simple white mainstream, and have started to add a bit of colour to it. Pure white can be easily matched to all sorts of embellishments, from pearls to platinum and golden pieces, while diamond white works perfectly with silver or rose gold and ivory gives the best results combined with golden accessories, because they highlight the creamy tone of the material. In addition to the colour, you should also take into consideration the shape of the dress, especially of the décolletage and the fabric. If you have, for example a V-neck dress, you can opt for almost any type of necklace, while strapless gowns are a bit more pretentious, as same as those with a lot of lace or embroidery.

Keep all these in mind and remember that pairing the neckline and fabric with the correct wedding jewelry sets can make the difference for a refined appearance and style. However, if you know that you should shine, but you do not feel like adding huge earrings or bracelets to your attire, just try to be yourself and pick exactly the accessories which represent you better. Make sure everything you wear makes you good in your own skin, besides from looking nice. Stick to the basics, and wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable.

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Reasons to opt for a Sikh destination wedding

Sikh weddings are known for their immense beauty and deep spiritualism. However, every couple wishes to have a personalised wedding, one where they can actually choose certain things and create unforgettable memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. This is why Sikh destination weddings have become so popular in the past few years, as more and more couples are attracted by the benefits they receive. Whether they are interested in Sikh weddings Mexico or they want to get married someplace else, there are many priests who are willing to perform their ceremony anywhere in the world and personalise it accordingly. But what are the advantages that a couple will enjoy, if it chooses a destination wedding? First of all, they will have more options in terms of color schemes, sitting arrangements, décor and anything else they might be interested in. When you choose a destination wedding, you can sit next to your spouse and even exchange rings during or after the ceremony if that is what you wish.


Even if you want the Anand Karaj Lavaan ceremony, you can still choose to have it abroad and enjoy it together with the group of people you want to have on your side. This is one of the other perks of having a destination wedding: you will avoid unwanted guests and have your ceremony in the presence of those you love and cherish. You can count on the fact that when you hire an experienced priest, the entire mood and spirituality of your wedding will be just the way you imagined it. Do not be afraid that your wedding will not have the beauty that a traditional Sikh ceremony does, because it will be magical. And the fact that it will be held abroad, means that it will be held in both Punjabi and English, so all your guests will understand and appreciate it. Many couples worry that the ceremony will last for too long and their guests will get tired. After all, it can be very difficult for someone who is not very used to the sitting on the floor, but the service for a destination wedding only lasts for an hour, in which time you can choose to sit on a chair, rather than directly on the floor.


All in all, for those who want to blend the beautiful traditions of a Sikh wedding with a few personal choices and thus have the wedding of their dreams, having the ceremony abroad is the best choice. There are experienced priests such as the ones from Global Chants, who are available to travel anywhere in the world and hold a beautiful service, filled with spirituality, that you and your spouse will remember dearly for the rest of your lives. In a destination wedding, you can have on your side only the guests you want, choose any type of parshaad along with anything else that you feel will make your wedding ceremony special and unique.

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Things you should know about a successful Sikh wedding

Sikh culture is all about traditions and spirituality, and weddings make no exception. Traditional weddings are considered not only the beginning of a new life for the happy couple, but also the celebration of a deep spiritual unity, which is why everyone must be aware of the importance of the event. Anand Karaj meaning translation is actually something similar to “blissful union” or “sublime affair”, and this makes us think about a ceremony dominated by mystic music, peaceful atmosphere and religiousness. Apart from this, the wedding also means the reunion of the families of the two grooms, from a social point of view, which is why organizing it is the responsibility of both of them. This can be a real struggle, especially because the celebration lasts more than one day, and all the customs and preparations may take more than one week. There are a lot of traditions to follow and things to plan, even more than normally, so in order to have a successful event, there are a lot of details to take into consideration: venue, music, decoration, priests and so on.

Destination Sikh Weddings are practiced and organized all over the world, and the ceremony is normally developing according to the Sikhism code of conduct. The two people uniting their destinies, together with the wedding party gather in the presence of the Holy Scripture and priests officiating the wedding. Normally, about eight traditional songs are sung, including the four Laav hymns. The Laav is not only a series of entertaining songs, but they represent the four stages that a person must go through, in order to achieve inner peace and deep understanding of spirituality. People all around the world plan and organize Sikh weddings, but there are some things to consider, in order to make the ceremony easier and things go smoothly. For example, after entering the Gurdwara temple, during the ceremony, guests have to cover their heads (furthermore, women should also cover their arms and shoulders). This custom may not be known by all guests, so they may not be prepared for this, which is why you should make sure there are some scarves or handkerchiefs available at the venue, so that everyone is in good condition to attend the ceremony. So make all the arrangements before the wedding, or at least inform as many people as possible about the unusual habits they may not be familiar with. Besides this, religious temples require men to be barefoot, so they will have to remove their shoes, and you have to make sure the floor is clean and there is a specially designed place where men can place their shoes without creating a bustle. In addition to this, they should be informed that they will be sitting on the floor during the whole ceremony: while they have to wear comfortable clothes, you will have to provide cushions or small blankets.

There are a lot of traditions guests will not know, and they may even seem weird, so the best thing to do is to inform them in advance. There will be lots of nationalities and religions, and for this reason there are professional priests, such as Global Chants, who can plan the whole event in a bilingual format.

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How to find a great wedding photographer

Organizing a wedding can be a real struggle for most of the people involved, so make sure you have everything planned in advance, if you do not want to panic and have a hard time on the big day. There are a lot of details to be established, such as music, foods, venue, flowers, decorations, photographer and so on. There are many professional wedding services providers, such as Jonathan David Photography, which will gladly help you obtain what you have always dreamt for the big event. While some are easy to choose, such as food, for example, choosing a photographer is a difficult task, because unlike other wedding vendors, you cannot taste, smell or hear their product and the only know what you are getting after the work is done. For this reason, you must make an informed decision and find out as more as possible about the ones you are planning to collaborate with. Read a lot of reviews, discuss with people who have used these services before and visit the web pages of the potential photographers, in order to see if their work is suitable for you.

First of all, decide upon a style for the photo shooting, and this must of course match the theme of the wedding, in case you have one. The style is very important, because it will help you restrain the list of options: either you want a studied style, with rehearsals and arranged photo shooting, or you want spontaneous pictures, to render exactly the natural atmosphere from your wedding. Although the pictures are professional, they have to look natural, capture the essential moments and make you remember with pleasure of the most important day in your life. Start researching for options, talk to previous brides and make a list of potential photographers, which you should contact and ask for further details related to their equipment, fees, or other facilities they might need. Check out their albums from previous weddings, to see if the style matches your vision and planning. Furthermore, the way their official page is organized will give you an idea about what Hunter Valley photography is about and which style characterizes the photographers’ work.

Keep in mind that creating a connection with the one behind the camera is vital for the success of the final result. So as soon as you have a list of your main options, start establishing meetings. Take notes and make sure you find out answer to all your questions, and try to find out more about the potential collaborators. Many people feel uncomfortable in front of the cameras, so you could ask for an unofficial photo shooting, to see how things are going. Many Hunter Valley wedding photography services include this, but the best thing to do is asking for it. In the unfortunate case in which you choose a photographer, but he is not available on the date of your wedding, a smart move would be to ask them for recommendations of an associate or friend, which has a similar way of working. At least you have not searched in vain, and you have another starting point.

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The best aspects about wedding photography services in Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands is home to a multitude of residents and wedding celebrations here are some of the most anticipated and glorious events of the year. In this thriving context, a number of Southern Highlands photography specialists have appeared but not all their services are equally professional and flawless. As a matter of fact, there are many untrained and not so talented cameramen and photographers who have not yet acquired a vast experience in the field of weddings, not have a particular talent for this form of art, but continue to offer their services to couples in and around Sydney. In order to set the medium wedding photographers apart from the highly trained and impeccably skilled ones like, here are some of the major things you need to know. Drawing the line and discovering the best specialists in any field is easy if you know what to expect and what approach or type of service to expect, which includes finding out the best aspects that the wedding photography services in Southern Highlands have to offer and comparing them against your particular selection of experts in the field.


One of the most important issues to consider when thinking of photography services at a vast yet private event, like a saying of vows ceremony or the dinner celebration afterwards, is that this sort of gathering is traditionally being done between close family members and their loved ones. Regardless of how many persons attend the event, the specialist behind the camera must always remain undetected and make his presence felt the least. By doing so, all of the guests will feel at ease and act like themselves, rather than posing to look good in the shots. The secret to obtaining the most realistic and good looking photos is to always remain undetected as a photographer which is why you should always consider hiring the services of a person with great skill and passion for this job, as well as an impeccable record of passing through the crowd like a cat on a string.


Furthermore, you must also pay a great amount of attention to the manner in which the connection is made with the person taking your photos. A wedding is a personal and highly intimate event, so never trust a photographer who does not attempt to know you or your wishes, likes, hobbies and opinions in advance. No one is able to capture the true essence of a couple at first sight, especially if they have to work and take shots of hundreds of other persons in the same time, so gravitate towards the experts who really want to connect and bond with you in advance. Their results will always be superior!


Last, but not least, you should also pay a visit to the galleries of pictures or previous projects displayed by artists on their official websites. There is no better indication of a person’s talent or skillset than the proof of former representative work. Take a look online and judge for yourself!


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Things you should know before you attend a Sikh wedding

When speaking about sikh weddings, the first thing that comes to our minds is the traditional spirituality which characterises them. The original term, Anand Karaj, could be translated literally with “blissful union”, which means the two persons who choose to begin their life together are united by a divine connection. The joyous ceremony is normally organized by the families of the two individuals, and the atmosphere is usually a peaceful one. People do not know many things about destination Sikh Weddings, and are often concerned about the things they should do in case they have to attend one. So if any of your acquaintances is thinking about choosing this for their big day, and you will also be invited, there are some things you should know before attending such a ceremony. Normally, the Sikh weddings are ample events, involving a lot of traditions, food, music and energetic dances. If you are not familiar to the customs, you might find it hard to keep up with everybody else, but just go with the flow and enjoy the unique atmosphere. There are priests specialized in organizing these events, such as Global Chants, who can help with the spiritual ceremony, traditional music and other meaningful details related to the sacred customs.

As a guest, you must know that the big day starts early in the morning, and finishes late at night. There are a lot of traditions to be taken into consideration, and guests also have to attend some of them. Since we are speaking about a holy union of two souls, the religious ceremony will not take place in a banquet hall, but in a sikh temple, so if you have never visited one, this will be the perfect occasion. Normally, this can last even a couple of hours, so be prepared to spend some time there. As far as the outfit is concerned, it is recommended to wear traditional clothes (the well-known sari for women), but if you cannot, then there are some simple rules to remember: men should wear a western suit in dark colours (blue, brown or grey), while women can wear Punjabi inspired clothes, in ethnic patters and bright colours. In the Punjabi culture, each colour has its own significance, so choose wisely. You will see a lot of red hues, bright blues and colour combinations: these are auspicious and mean prosperity, love, and good thoughts oriented towards the marrying couple. However, women should not wear bright red, because it is traditionally reserved for the bride.

Sikh Weddings Mexico involve many customs, which could be considered unusual for those who attend them. For example, guests must cover their heads when entering the Gurdwara temple: while women have to have their arms and shoulders also covered (so make sure you have a scarf or blazer with you), men can use a handkerchief to cover their heads. In addition to this, religious temples require men to be barefoot, so you will have to remove your shoes and put them in a specially designed place before entering the temple. Make sure you check the schedule of the event, and find out exactly which will be your role during the event.

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