Mistakes to avoid when choosing themes for WordPress

Whether you have a personal blog or an online store, a news magazine or a photo portfolio, WordPress allows you to change your theme as often as you want to. Customization on this platform is a great experience and you will definitely enjoy browsing through free or premium themes. However, make sure you avoid these common mistakes that can end up ruining your website’s potential.


Themes that aren’t optimized for your needs

Some WordPress theme vendors have created true design masterpieces, so it is understandable that sometimes people want to buy a theme without thinking if it matches their website profile. Common examples include installing portfolio themes for text-based websites or picking themes whose color schemes do not match the style of the website. Let’s take the case of a wedding WordPress theme: it should generally be white, with a clear design and a good balance between text and image content. If the website is for your own wedding, then you should be able to replace the header with one of your photos, or perhaps get a slideshow where you can add more images. However, a business website should be completely the opposite. For example, a WordPress theme for restaurants should be more professional. Of course, you should have a special feature for the gallery, but the general theme should be clean and intuitive, so that clients can easily find what they are looking for.


Opting for complicated themes

When it comes to WordPress themes, a little goes a long way. Even if you like bright colors and bold patterns, remember that a website should be appealing for the visitor. Therefore, avoid picking overwhelming visuals. Black text on a white background is easier to read than white text on a black background or a colored one. Also, avoid themes that have more than two fonts, because this puts a strain on the eye. Columns are also very important. You should have one main column with the most important context and then several others with additional information. When landing on your website, the visitor should know exactly where to look and not spend five minutes trying to figure out where things are.


Not considering current  trends

Before installing a theme, you have to look further than visuals and also consider the theme’s functionality and respect for current trends. For example, today’s websites need to be responsive (optimized for viewing on all devices). There are many responsive WordPress themes for bloggers and online business owners, so don’t compromise on this aspect, even if the theme looks good.


Not asking about support

Your relationship with the theme vendor should not end after you purchase the theme. Ideally, you should work with a designer that also offers support after you install it. Also, professional vendors can also help you make changes to the theme if required and fix bugs, if there are any. To read more tips on choosing the perfect WordPress theme and get creative theme recommendations, stay up to date with websites such as WPThemeFind.com.

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Where to find the best WordPress themes

WordPress is a platform that has gained more and more popularity over the recent years, as it is easy to use, flexible and it provides website designers and admins with versatile options and choices, especially when it comes to the themes. The platform itself gives you plenty of choices when you create your website, but if you want access to the best WordPress themes, that’s not where to look. You may wonder why the choice of theme is so important, but the truth is that it can make or break the entire website. Leaving aside the fact that it is the theme that gives the entire aesthetical appeal to your website, it can also contribute to well performance of your site, if you know how to choose correctly, as it is in the case of music WordPress themes, when you might also want or need to have some extra features. Obviously, the search for the most suitable theme for your WP website goes online, but you need thorough research and checking out some reviews won’t hurt either, which you can do on Wpthemefind.com.


If your website is a business site and you plan to rely on it to gain new business and generate new profits, then your search should not be for the best WordPress themes, but for specialised designers who have the knowledge and expertise to design you customised themes. When it comes to business websites, going on the professional path is always best. However, if you are a blogger or you simply want to put some content out there, then you don’t have to pay big bucks for your WP theme. Searching for them online and downloading them, sometimes even for free, will suffice. However, you need to make sure that you get them from reliable platforms, which is why theme reviews will help. It can also be helpful to try out some demo versions. If you need music WordPress themes for instance, you can search the web for responsive themes that are quite simple, as the website will already be loaded with embedded videos or clips or other extra features.


Another thing you have to take into account when looking for the best WordPress themes outside the platform itself is that you may need support and you have to make sure you’ll get it. You see, the WordPress platform may only have a handful of themes available, but they are so designed and developed as to be bug free and work properly. When you buy music WordPress themes from anywhere else, they might not loom or work as promised by the demo version, in which case you will need to contact the developer and ask for support. However, not all theme authors are inclined to help you, which is why you should verify their willingness to assist before buying. Ask them a pre sale question for instance and you will be able to see just how responsive they are.

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Promotional events in the age of Internet ads

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to surf the web without seeing the infamous Internet ads. In fact, they are so widespread that they have changed the way in which clients and businesses perceive the idea of advertising and promotion. Even without ads, there are many indirect ways of raising awareness: for example, through viral videos. Digital advertising does have its benefits, without a doubt, but it hasn’t replaced traditional promotional events yet. From many points of view, this classic method remains highly effective and there are cases when it can be give the most profitable results. Here are some reasons why you should still consider events agencies in London instead or in addition to online marketing campaigns.


Not all clients are internet users / fans

Every marketing decision should be taken based on the characteristics of your target market. Therefore, you cannot automatically start a promotional online campaign unless you know for sure that your targeted clients trust this promotional method. For example, there are companies whose clients are senior citizen and don’t use computers that often. In addition, some people mistrust Internet ads and find them to be annoying or simple unreliable. In these cases, it’s better if you opt for a classical approach and organise a professional promotional event.



Offline marketing is interactive and engaging

One of the biggest problems with online ads is that they can be easily ignored. Internet users can simply install an adblocker and they will not see ads. Even if you send them an e-mail with your latest offers, they can choose to ignore it and they simply scroll past your viral video if they don’t feel like watching it. There are so many ads these days that you need to come with something truly out of the ordinary to stand out. Or, you can contact an agency for events staff hire and organise a promotional event. This experience is much more engaging and interactive, because clients will meet actual people representing your company. Your company becomes more tangible and they can always ask questions to find out more about what you have to offer.



Build a professional image

When working with an event agency, you will have to choose between several venues. There are many possible options, from commercial centres and playgrounds to restaurants and the city streets. However, if you choose to organise it in a formal setting, such as a business expos, you will definitely project a more professional image than if you choose to post some online ads. Clients tend to trust the things they see and so far, there are still many people who do not use the Internet as their preferred way of finding service providers. However, if you organise an ample event that has professional staff, company representatives, promotional materials and interactive activities, they will assume that you have a well-established business and pay more attention to what you have to offer. If you want to hire an events staffing company, you can visit websites such as Events-Staffing.co.uk to learn more.

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How a Cisco certificate can help your career

Considering today’s competitive market, more and more people want to do their best to make sure they are certified for a better position in their company and they can advance in their career successfully. No matter what your field of work might be, having computer knowledge has become an absolute necessity and when the main activity of your company is based on computers this becomes even more important. Even though entry levels might not require advanced computer skills, if you want to move further in your career, you need to continually improve your skills in the IT field. To this extent, having a Cisco certificate will definitely offer you an edge over your competitors and make you a more suitable choice in the eyes of your employer.


Every business owner wants to make sure he is promoting the best person in a higher position, someone who is up to the tasks and can handle any challenge that might come in his way. This is why if you have taken a few Cisco training classes, you will have more chances of being promoted the next time there is an opening position in your company. In addition, even if you do not want to continue working in your current company and you are looking for something else, when you have been Cisco certified, you will definitely have higher chances of finding the job of your dreams. Everyone appreciates having computer skills and depending on what you are planning to do in your career, you will most likely be able to receive a Cisco certificate to testify your skills.


If you are the type of person who always looks for ways of self improvement, applying for Cisco training classes is always a great idea. For starters, you will be kept up to date with the latest improvements in the IT field and you will have the opportunity of always enhancing your knowledge and your skills. It is very good to know that you can understand certain things that others might have a difficult time with and that you can offer them answers to their questions. Furthermore, you will understand certain notions better and thus be better at your job.


All in all, a Cisco certificate can really boost anyone’s career. No matter what your job may be or what you might want to do in the future, since everything is computer based these days, you will definitely achieve great success when you are qualified to do something that others are not. All managers want to promote employees that can rise to the challenges they might encounter in their way, so naturally they will be looking for someone who is certified in as many fields as possible. Cisco certifications are highly appreciated in the work field because they testify the professionalism and skills of a person. There are many specialized providers such as BayInfotech where people can take dedicated Cisco training classes and obtain the certifications they need to be successful in their careers.

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Reasons to get the Cisco CCNA certification

Many professionals operating in the work field nowadays are considering the possibility of a career change more and more seriously. The truth of the matter is that there are some particular specialists who are far more sought after than others and have higher chances of success both at job interviews and further on, during their ascension in the companies they work at. But what happens if the training that a certain person has received in the past is not what the current situation of the workforce demands? What can an individual do if he needs a totally different training than the one he or she currently has? Do not worry as the solution comes from companies such as Bay-infotech.com which are experts in providing the most up to date and useful courses of the moment, as well as training sessions and classes destined to help everyone enhance their current skill set and create totally new abilities. In the field of IT, the Cisco training course is an amazing example of such a certification, as it provides professionals with the necessary boost they need in their level of knowledge, which is later followed by better odds at employments and advancing upward. If you are not sure about the main reasons to obtain a Cisco CCNA certification, then here are some of the most important advantages or perks of following these classes and getting the diploma provided by Cisco through its network of official partners, such as the one mentioned above.


CCNA is the abbreviation for Cisco Certified Network Associate and this certificate is known all over the country as an invaluable tool for any worker in an IT related field. Cisco careers are becoming increasingly sought after and appealing, both to employers and employees, so it was only natural that a large number of classes and courses to develop specific abilities were founded. However, be sure you follow the lessons of an official partner or a well known provider of trainings with years of experience in this area of activity, to be sure that you will pass the final examination and make the most of this educational experience. The knowledge gained will prove very useful when it comes to network utilization, the smooth running of network based systems, important insight on the Cisco technologies and operating them properly, as well as help with the increase in productivity of the employer.


Additional reasons to obtain the Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification, or CCNA, include the fact that it proves without a doubt a student’s ability to understand and know everything about the installing, maintenance, protection and running involved by medium-size networks which rely on the Cisco products or technologies. The Cisco CCNA certification can take your career to the next level or help you start a totally new path in this field, if you want. It is a versatile tool of the modern day employee and shows a great deal of commitment and dedication towards keeping up with the latest developments in the area of Internet technologies.

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