Reasons to choose online fundraising

It is no secret that today’s economy is uncertain and that the economic landscape is not what you may call favourable to fundraising. As a result, charitable resources are progressively rare, which led to an increased competition for funding and grants. Furthermore, people are oftentimes overwhelmed by the amount and variety of information available online, as fundraising event ideas, tips and advice can be found on a plethora of web platforms these days. However, the Internet comes to help the charity field as well, through the innovative concept of online fundraising. This may sound strange to people who are used to traditional fundraisers and charity events, such as bake sales, car washes or other such activities, but the truth is that organising and implementing fundraisers online is highly effective and can generate results quicker than anything else. There are plenty of reasons to choose this type of fundraising for your cause or campaign and if you want to find out more about charity donations, ideas for fundraisers or how to put ideas into reality, you can join communities like Golden Hint.


As mentioned above, one of the first reasons for which you should choose online fundraising for your cause is that it is highly effective. Due to the fact that people don’t actually have to do anything, walk or drive anywhere, but simply go online and donate money to your cause, a significant larger number of people will be willing to contribute to your campaign. As sad as it may sound, many individuals don’t take part in charitable actions or fundraising event ideas, because they are too lazy to do so, not because they are too cheap. In fact, the great majority of the population is inclined to give away money to charity, if given the right opportunity and convenient circumstances, which the online environment does. It works very simply: there are certain websites that allow you to create your own fundraising campaign and set a certain goal and then share it with your family and friends, through connections to social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, but also through email. To that extent, people who are willing to help you have the chance to make a donation very easily and quickly and you can see how your campaign is progressing in real time.


You can use online fundraising websites for both personal campaigns and charity fundraising, flexibility being another reason for which you should seriously consider this concept. Another reason would be the fact that, through the online environment, you are able to gain access to a much larger audience than just your friends and family, by sharing your charity fundraising campaign on social media platforms, which are highly popular and constantly accessed by millions, you raise its exposure to people you don’t even know and who may have the necessary resources to help you achieve your goal. Whether you are looking for fundraising even ideas or for the right website to create your campaign online, be sure to take your time and gather all the information you need to set up a successful fundraiser.

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Learning more about fundraising events

There is more to fundraising events than coming up with a clever idea and motivating a bunch of volunteers to help you with your cause. There are plenty of charity events that have great potential, but fail to meet expectations because the organizers lack the resources to make it happen. No matter how ingenious your ideas for fundraising are, if you fail to put them into practice correctly, your event will not be as successful as it could have been. This is why it is important to resort to people with expertise in this domain such as Golden Hint to ensure you are on the right track. I have been a volunteer and fundraising organizers numerous times in the past.


I started taking on small volunteer jobs ten years ago, when I was in college and somehow fighting for animal rights, against poverty and the environmental crisis became part of my life. It is amazing how many good things can be achieved when people unite for a cause. I’ve seen impressive numbers of people turn out on a Sunday to plant trees in an area where deforestation became an alarming problem and I’ve seen enormous amounts of money being raised for people that needed urgent and expensive surgeries. I even participated in a large scale event meant to raise money for homeless shelters. Participating to these events was very rewarding and heart wrenching at the same time, because no matter how much effort you invest, you are constantly reminded that there are still so many problems unaddressed and so many causes worth fighting for that everyone seems to forget.


If organizing fundraising events was easy, I would start organizing them myself right now. In the beginning I believed I had everything I needed to achieve good results: energy, time and dedication. Unfortunately, you also need the knowhow and the resources to make a charity event a success. If you are to convince people to donate or purchase items on charity auctions, you need to advertise your event first, not to mention that you also have to convince them to donate for your cause. If you are to convince someone invest something, be it money, time or effort, into your project, you have to first demonstrate that everything is worthwhile. Without the right approach and tools a golden idea cannot become an opportunity for you to achieve your goals. I had to learn this lesson the hard way after I organized a charity auction in college. Looking back, the core idea was not bad, but I lacked the resources that could help me bring it to life. In the end, I only managed to sell fifteen percent of the items auctioned and the attendance was terrible. I managed to at least buy the orphans I was planning to help Christmas presents. This is why I appreciate so much the communities that focus on helping people like me and non-profit organizations that wish to make a change in the world put their ideas into practice.

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Reasons to buy leather cases for smartphones

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone and the more models and updates appear on the market, the more people are going to extra lengths to buy them, especially considering that most of them are quite expensive. Furthermore, exactly because smartphones can be very pricey, many people also invest in a wide range of accessories for their mobile phone, particularly cases and covers. For instance, some people have started to search for information and look for news about iPhone 6 cases, although the phone wasn’t even released yet. Anyway, as a response to the great market demand, there are now numerous and various companies that manufacture or sell such items, which also come in a great variety of styles and fabrics. Some of the best cases or covers for smartphones and even for tablets are those manufactured from leather and, even though they can be a little more expensive than those made from plastic, for instance, there are several reasons for which an LG leather case is always a better choice than a plastic case.


First of all, leather cases provide a better protection than plastic ones, due to the fact that plastic can brake more easily, as it is more frangible. Leather is a fabric that is more durable and leather cases are usually sewn together, instead of glued, which further increases their durability at the margins. Furthermore, whether you are interested in an LG leather case or an iPhone leather case, these items look far more stylish and sleek than plastic, which looks cheap. If you are a businessman or you work or hang out in a more formal environment, then pulling out your mobile phone in a cheap looking, too colorful or chipped at the corners case will definitely make a poor impression. A leather case, however, will provide your phone with the same nifty look as you have. As mentioned above, there are many, many stores where you can find leather covers and cases, a good example being HAPPER, regardless of what kind of mobile phone you have or even if you are interested to see the models for soon to be released phones, such as iPhone 6 cases.


Last but not least, a good reason to buy leather cases for smartphones is the fact that, with today’s variety of suppliers and retailers and the entire extent of the online shopping, you can easily find them at incredibly affordable prices, sometimes even the same price as plastic ones. So why not buy a superior LG leather case for your phone if it costs exactly the same as a plastic case? Enjoy high quality products, variety of models and stiches, all at incredible prices, not to mention the level of protection for your phone. All things taken into account, you can easily see how there are several reason for which you should definitely invest in a leather cover or case for your mobile phone and not only, as leather covers are also available for tablets.

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Buying a smartphone case online

I was always a bit reticent when it came to online shopping, because I had always believed consumers have no way of knowing for sure what they will receive after ordering something online, but when I got my Nexus 5, I really wanted this cool case that I couldn’t find in any regular store, so I decided to start looking for it on the web. First of all, I got to say that I was overwhelmed with the sheer number of platforms that sold smartphone accessories, everything from HTC One M8 cases to iPhone and iPad cases and covers, various types of cables and chargers, stickers and so on. It took me a lot more than I thought to find the leather case for Nexus 5 that I was looking for, but when I found it, I realized it was available on 4 different websites and the price was basically the same, with insignificant differences.


I had no idea how to differentiate among these online stores, so I began searching for feedback and reviews, but I could only find some for one of the platforms, the one called HAPPER. At that time, I didn’t believe that to be relevant, so I finally chose the one that offered the lowest price, thinking that if something went wrong, at least I would be out the smallest amount of money. I ordered the leather case for Nexus 5 and although it said on the website that delivery takes from 3 to 5 days, I received my package two weeks later. The right case was in the package all right, but it was shredded. I don’t know what happened to it during transportation, or even if it was because of the transportation, but the case looked like it had been used for at least 2 years. I wanted to return it, but when I went back on the site, they had a returns policy that only allowed me to send back the case within 10 days of the order. I tried to contact them, but no one responded. Then, I understood why it is so important to buy anything from a reliable platform, so I went back to the one I had found reviews for, because I really wanted that case.


This time around, things went down completely different. I got the package in 3 days, as promised and it was undamaged in any way. The case looked brand new, which it was, and I was really satisfied with the whole process. I even recommended the platform to some of my friends who were looking for some HTC One M8 cases and some iPad covers. So, I guess the lesson to be learned here is that research indeed has its purpose and online shopping is not a bad experience if one takes the time to make sure that he or she finds a reliable platform to buy from, regardless of the products they need or want.

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The benefits of youth fitness training

Youth obesity is one of the most alarming things in the United States, which is why authorities and health organizations are trying to raise awareness and encourage parents to enroll their children into sports programs. In particular, youth fitness training in Northglenn is one of the most notable initiatives in the past years. This is because the state of Colorado is, in theory, one of the leanest states in the country, but, since 2009, the obesity levels among children have grown considerably. This should not be a hard thing to do, because children are naturally drawn to the idea of working out through sports and games. However, parents should understand that just leaving children to run and play is not always very productive, especially if they hope to see them have professional results one day.  Unlike regular fitness training in Northglenn, youth training is harder to find, especially in smaller cities. Training children is more challenging than training adults, because they have a lot of energy and they can easily lose their interest.


Most parents assume that the sports classes their children have at school are enough. Without a doubt, it’s better to have one hour of physical education a week instead of no physical education at all. But how many adults look back with pleasure at the times when they were little and they had to do sports in school? School-funded activities are useful, but they are definitely not enough. One hour of half-hearted jogging and soccer playing a week amounts to nothing if the child just watched TV and eats sweets during the rest of the week. Also, the school teacher cannot possible watch over 20-something agitated kids at once, so it’s very likely for someone to get hurt. Also, kids can simply end up working out in the wrong way, picking up bad habits and experiencing burnout. Even worse, kids who aren’t particularly good at sports are left behind and mocked, which instills them a dislike for sports that lasts their whole life.


These are the reasons why parents should consider personal youth fitness training. Under the guidance of a specialized instructor, children can learn to love sports, work out based on their abilities and goals and acquire a sense of discipline and friendly competition that is very hard to get in schools. This is not to say that school-funded programs should be removed or avoided. On the contrary, they are a good basis to start with, but if your child needs individual assistance or you want to train him to be an athlete, it’s best if you seek the help of an experienced personal trainer. Apart from the fact that he will train in his own rhythm, increase strength and improve speed gradually, he will also benefit from additional advice and support in terms of nutrition. One last benefit is the fact that children often tend to ignore what parents or teachers say, but they are more receptive towards personal trainers, seeing them as mentors. If you are looking for a trainer for your child in Northglenn, you can establish a consultation with Reach Higher Fitness.

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